Generium is the leading Russian biopharmaceutical company. Our company develops and manufactures pharmaceutical products for the treatment of orphan diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, growth hormone deficiency, myocardial infarction and strokes as well as tuberculosis diagnostic test.
Generium consists of a high-end R&D center and a fully integrated manufacturing plant.

In our R&D center consisting of 5,000 sq. m. of labs, biopharmaceuticals and cell-based technologies are developed up to the stage of industrial application.
Our manufacturing plant is equipped to the highest levels and operates according to Russian and international GMP standards.

Today, seven pharmaceutical products are already available for patients in Russia and CIS countries. These are recombinant Factors VII, VIII and IX for haemophilia treatment, interferon-beta-1b — for multiple sclerosis and innovative skin test for TB detection.

Generium is the only company in the world, which produces three recombinant coagulation factors (FVII, FVIII and FIX).
In 2014, our skin test for TB detection, Diaskintest, earned the international award Prix Galien for achievements in biotechnology.
There are more than 40 innovative products in the pipeline, including enzymes, monoclonal antibodies and cell-based therapeutic products. More than half of them have no equivalents in the world.

Our R&D park is located 120 km away from Moscow, where our strategic partners operate as well.

Residents of Generium Technopark:

Generium Science

The International Biotech Centre (IBC) GENERIUM is an innovative R&D center where biopharmaceuticals and cell-based technologies are developed up to the stage of industrial implementation.

Generium Pharmaceuticals

JSC Generium is a Russian company, a proud leader in the field of biotechnology development and production. We are the major Russian manufacturer of biotech drugs for the treatment of hemophilia, tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases. Generium features a world-class research center, unique for Russia, along with the innovative fill&finish manufacturing facility, which complies with international GMP standards. it also includes the first Russian center for development and manufacturing of the cell-based products. Key activities of the center include autoimmune therapy (including cancer vaccines), orthopedics and plastic surgery.